Is your brand in need of a spring clean? Is it beginning to look stale and needs a spruce up? This article is an ultimate guide on what changes you can make to give your brand a potentially much needed boost. With these tips you can make some small changes on almost any budget.

Dust off your social media accounts

Have you neglected your social media profiles? This can have a huge impact on leads, as 64% of Twitter users and 51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy the products of brands they follow online (Stat from Aabaco). Social media doesn’t only put your name in front of potential leads, it also reminds them of why they should buy from you.

Ask yourself if your social media accounts reflect your brand today? Ensure your profile image is current, your website URL, company name and position is correct. Post about new projects, relevant achievements or stories that your follower may find useful. As a design agency, we think cover photos are very important, carry your brand as far as it can go. These photos should look modern and reflect what your brand stands for.

Update your images

Often, something as simple as updating your images can give the boost a brand needs. Take a look at the imagery on your website, is it looking dated? Perhaps the style of those in the images look old-fashioned. Mix these up with some new images – there are a number of great websites such as unsplash that supply royalty-free images. Even if you’re images aren’t old, we think you should go through and renew some anyway. This will tell your clients your website is active as it is being updated and refreshed. Seasonal images are great as long as you remember to change then (no one wants to see a christmassy image in June).

Refresh your colour palette

Colour trends are changing year-on-year, take the time to consider what colours perhaps aren’t working for you. Talk to designers about what colours are now fashionable, today’s colour trends tend to involve lots of bright, saturated hues. However, again it simply depends on what your business is – we aren’t sure if a solicitors should have fuscia pink text on their website. We’d also recommend adding a colour to your palette.

Revise your fonts

Like colours, there are trends within fonts. Simply adding or replacing your typeface could bring your brand into 2016. If your website is a little dated in terms of design, by adding or changing your brand’s typeface will improve readability.

These four small adjustments can make a big difference. They’ll ensure you don’t ‘loose’ your brand image but will help keep it up-to-date and fresh.