On Tuesday we joined SAP Anywhere for their official UK launch event. In a beautiful location in London’s Mayfair, partners and contributors gathered to celebrate its UK arrival.

An impressive 250 developers have worked on SAP Anywhere during the last two years in their Shanghai lab. Benefitting small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) it provides everything they require to run their customer interactions and move them into the digital economy. We believe it hands SMEs a powerful solution to manage their business analytics and more.

SAP have explained that it does this from a cloud-based app, which allows SMEs to capitalise on retail store sales, online stores, create marketing campaigns, selling their products, managing their inventory and analyse whether their business is performing successfully. The simplicity of having this tool at your fingertips is something quite powerful and becomes even more so as it’s integrated with partners like Facebook, WeChat, Ebay, Paypal etc. Basically allowing its users to run their entire business from an iPad.

Also as Google Partner, we believe SAP Anywhere’s integration with Google Apps incredibly exciting. Rahul Sood, MD, Google Apps said: “Communicating with customers is the most important work for any small business. These businesses can now interact with their customers more effectively from within Google Apps with full visibility of their customer and inventory data using SAP Anywhere.”

As market leader in enterprise application software, SAP Anywhere appears to be the solution engineered specifically for SMEs in the UK.