Never before has it been more vital to extend your business and brand further into the delves of the online world. Every social media platform offers a unique insight into communities that you can utilise for your business.

Create a social media strategy

Although this seems daunting if you’re new to the social media game, it is an imperative first step towards successful social media accounts. To get you started, make sure you have a think about your tone of voice, create measurable goals, a social media policy, and a scheduled calendar.

Be selective with which platforms you join

Just because you’re reading you should be on social media, it doesn’t mean that you should be on every platform. Review what kind of information you’ll likely be posting and sharing, and find the perfect platforms for you. Each one has a different unique selling point and there are more options out there than you might first think.

Do not pay for followers!

Try not to be put off by the fact that if you’re starting from scratch with a social media account, you’ll have a low following. If you’re content is engaging and visually pleasing, the followers will come! To help boost your following in the meantime, make sure you start following other relevant industries, businesses and individuals who you think could benefit from you.

Create and curate engaging content

If you’re starting to worry about having to create content for regular engaging posts, have no fear! If you’re following the right people and reading the right publications, don’t be afraid to share their work. Curating relevant work for your followers can have a number of positive outcomes as it shows you know exactly what your target audience want to see, even if you haven’t created it yourself (always make sure you give credit where credit is due).

Use Hashtags efficiently

Stuffing hashtags into posts can be tempting to help boost engagement and followers. Try to steer clear of this though – it looks messy, puts people off reading your captions and doesn’t always reach the right people. Keep your hashtags concise, to the point and overtime you’ll find that you won’t need to use as many. Why not try and use a personalised one? This way, when people start becoming more familiar with your business, they will use your hashtag and you can easily engage with followers and fans.

Be social!

Following on from point 5, you need to actually engage with your followers… Be social on social media! It’s all very well if you’re creating and curating relevant and amazingly engaging posts, but if you don’t put time aside in your plan to engage with your followers then they won’t stick around for long. Like and reply to comments and posts regarding your work, it goes a long way!

Planning and posting on social media can be time consuming, but it can become one of the most rewarding marketing plans you can implement for your business if done correctly and efficiently. Feel like you’re being overwhelmed with time constraints and what to post? Why not give us a call and chat with our team about our social media management packages.