What did you search for last year?

Every year Google releases it’s annual list of the most searched for terms and trends, divided into categories so that we can get a glimpse into the inquisitive minds of the Great British public. So what exactly have we been searching?

Top Trending and News Events

Top Trending
Football still seems to be the most important thing we all want to know about, with the Olympics some way down the list. Celebrity deaths and ‘Pokemon Go’ also seem to be very important for us to understand more about and then of course there is Marvel’s blockbuster movie of the year, Deadpool.

  1. Euro2016
  2. Pokemon Go
  3. David Bowie
  4. Donald Trump
  5. Prince
  6. EU referendum
  7. Alan Rickman
  8. Olympics
  9. US election
  10. Deadpool

News and Scandals
Brexit and the US election are probably no surprise here, but remember the Toblerone scandal and the clowns that started attacking us on the streets?

  1. Brexit
  2. US election
  3. Hurricane Matthew
  4. Brussels attack
  5. Zika virus
  6. Clowns
  7. Harambe
  8. Toblerone
  9. BHS sale
  10. Nice attack

Stars And Politicians

Famous Men and Women
I’m going to pretend I know all of the people on this list, however, to be honest until I just Googled them I was struggling with even number 1 of both the male and females. Given that Euro 2016 was a top search in another category it’s somewhat surprising that Wayne Bridge is the only player to make the top ten… I’m a Celeb wins again.

  1. Conor McGregor
  2. Sam Reece
  3. Paul Pogba
  4. Wayne Bridge
  5. Kimbo Slice
  6. Joel Dommett
  7. Michael Bublé
  8. Jaden Smith
  9. Brad Pitt
  10. Michael Phelps
  1. Meghan Markle
  2. Stephanie Davis
  3. Honey G
  4. Carol Vorderman
  5. Kesha
  6. Angie Bowie
  7. Megan McKenna
  8. Lisa Snowdon
  9. Laura Trott
  10. Helen Skelton

Is there really any surprises in here? Apart from David Cameron dropping off the face of search – oh how quickly we forget about important (or-not-so depending on your views) politicians.

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Theresa May
  3. Jo Cox
  4. Hillary Clinton
  5. Boris Johnson
  6. Melania Trump
  7. Nigel Farage
  8. Sadiq Khan
  9. Andrea Leadsom
  10. Ivanka Trump


What is…?
“What is a Penny Black Stamp?” and “What is 0 divided by 0” we’re the most important ‘what is’ questions in 2015, but what’s been more important to us in 2016 appears to Pokemon Go and of course Brexit.

  1. What is Pokemon Go
  2. What is Brexit
  3. What is the single market
  4. What is the EU
  5. What is a coup
  6. What is Article 50
  7. What is Bastille Day
  8. What is the weather forecast for today
  9. What is Sky Q
  10. What is the mountain of butterflies

How To…?
“How to get an Irish passport?” Yes that really was a genuine concern last year, as well as some major self esteem questions like “How to appear funny” and “How to stay young”. And how to make slime? Of course, who doesn’t want to know that!?

  1. How to play Pokemon Go
  2. How to lose weight well
  3. How to stay young
  4. How to go live on facebook
  5. How to vote for EU referendum
  6. How to get an Irish passport
  7. How to make slime
  8. How to appear funny
  9. How to apply for British citizenship
  10. How to accept myself for who I am

So what can we take from all this? Too much I imagine. We like asking questions, Google is still our go-to place to ask them and all the time the world keeps changing we keep wondering “what is” “how to” and “when is” this all going to end?