If you’re ever stuck for content ideas or what you can post on social media, the best thing you can do is go back to basics.

You don’t have to wrack your brains or spend hours researching to create something interesting for your readers. Want to know how? Check out our 4 tips below and some ideas on how you can use an event as simple as Pancake Day to engage your readers.

Utilise public events

Check your calendar for upcoming events for the month ahead (or year if you’re super organised) and think of some ideas of how you can engage with your target audience.

IDEA: If you don’t have time to create content for Pancake Day as it’s just around the corner, there’s no harm in sharing an article that’s already out there with a caption to entice your audience (showing you know your audience and their interests).

National Day of Writing Amazing Content

Ok, I’m pretty sure that isn’t an actual day… But there are plenty of ‘National Days of… ’ that can be relevant for any industry, from National Day of Kindness to National Cupcake Day (a personal favourite).

IDEA: Create a calendar of any relevant days that could help fill in the gaps between more hard hitting, industry blog posts and give your readers something light hearted to fill their lunch hour.

Cater to your target audience

All audiences are different. What they want to read and the tone it’s written in should be different depending on who you’re trying to reach. You’ll be surprised at how any content can be tweaked to fit any audience.

IDEA: A variety of people enjoy Pancake Day. Review your target audience to see how you can engage them on this delicious day. Parents? Fun ways to get kids of all ages involved in Pancake Day. Students? Making Pancake Day work on a budget. Healthy eaters? 6 delicious and healthy pancake recipes that are easy to cook up this Pancake Day. The possibilities are endless!

Time to get personal

Why not use points 1 & 2 to give your audience an unexpected insight into your business? Seeing your culture and employees can create a personal feel and help your audience become more engaged with you.

IDEA: Share an Instagram Story of your employees enjoying a great (and visually pleasing) Pancake Day spread and ask your followers what their favourite toppings are.

My point being, don’t think that you always have to write hard hitting and business/industry relevant content in order to engage with your audience. If you look outside the box, there are some simple ideas that can make insightful reads for your audience.

And now I’m off to make some pancakes (all this talk has made me hungry)… Any topping suggestions?