What is SSL?

SSL (secure sockets layer) creates a secure connection between a client and the information server. It encrypts data so that all data transferred remains private.

Why do you need one?

Having an SSL Certificate added to your site can hold a number of benefits to both your website and your customers. Primarily they are vital to user security and privacy, particularly when making online transactions, but here’s a list of the main benefits:

  1. Attract more customers. If you are selling online, then expect your shoppers to check to see if you have SSL. Without it, they might not even stay long enough to see what you have to offer.
  2. Protect your own information. Whether it’s an exclusive promotional code or voucher you’re sending to your website visitor, SSL protects the information you both send and receive.
  3. Google uses SSL as a ranking signal. Google now uses SSL certificates a ranking signal meaning sites with SSL will rank higher than those without.
  4. Google will start notifying browsers that a site is unprotected. Starting soon Google will make it very clear to your site visitors that you do not have an SSL certificate.
  5. Look more professional. Any business that wants an SSL certificate for its website must be checked by the certificate authority issuing the certificate.

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Security is a top priority for Google

Security is a top priority for Google and their goal is for secure browsing to become the norm. A recent blog post Here’s to more HTTPS on the web highlights their commitment to security and urges business to start planning their HTTPS migration today. A previous blog post HTTPS as a ranking signal confirms that migrating to HTTPS does indeed favourably affect a website’s organic search rankings.   

What type of SSL do you need?

Google offer three different types of SSL Certificates that provide different levels of security and vary in cost.

SSL Certificate Options

The most common SSL Certificate is the Domain Validation, which is conveniently the cheapest and easiest to get set up.


Don’t panic! This is all quite jargon heavy, so if you’d like to speak to one of us about whether you need an SSL Certificate and if we can get one setup for you, call us today.