Blogging has become a popular asset to many businesses. Whether you’re a baker who wants to show off your kitchen skills, or a finance company who has money saving advice to share, a blog is a great way to connect with current and potential customers.

“Exactly how can blogging help my business?” Well, to give you a taster, business blogs help you grow and studies have shown that 60% of businesses with regularly updated blogs acquire more customers. Need more convincing? Read on…

Increase site traffic

If Google thinks that the content on your site is useful, it will rank your site higher. So, the more relevant you make the content, the more likely you will rank for certain keywords. As well as that, if you’re sharing interesting and engaging content, users are going to share and link back to it. Ultimately, having an up to date blog with relevant content will increase your site traffic.

Sharing is caring

No one knows your business like you do, so why not share all your incredible knowledge with the world? Not only will this make your site and business look more appealing to current and potential customers, but you’re also helping your business look great against your competitors.

Helping your customers will, in turn, help you

Are you often getting asked the same questions, but want to display the answers in a more creative way than just FAQs? A blog is a great space to do this. If you continue to create helpful and interest content for your customers, it’ll make your business stick in their minds for recommending you and creating repeat business.

Show your human side

Customers don’t want to buy from corporate machines anymore. Knowing your business and brand on a more human level is important to them. Sharing personal stories on your blog can be a good start to set the right tone of voice to get across your business culture to your customers. Making it more informal can help it come across more relatable.

Up your ‘street-cred’

A blog creates a record of quality value and experience that you’re bringing to your audience. Having a consistent, creative and engaging blog will give you a real presence in your niche.

Essentially, if you think that blogging isn’t for you, your business and your brand, you’re probably wrong (sorry). They can help business growth, and allow current and potential customers get to know your business better than your competitors.

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