Over the years, Facebook has been no stranger to regularly making small changes to their design. 2017 is no different. Through regular design refreshes, Facebook has remained the social media market leader for 13 years, always keeping up-to-date with the most user-friendly techniques.

Facebook design – unrecognisable

Since the social media platform really took off globally around 2008, the previous design and features are almost unrecognisable. Long gone are the days of seeing the endless lists of who friended whom. Let’s also not forget the virtual ‘poking’ of a stranger. Like most social media platforms, Facebook has continuously evolved and updated its design. This ensures Facebook remains on trend and also allows users fuss-free social networking.

On August 15th, Facebook unveiled a string of new updates. This is kind of a big deal when there are 2 billion people using the website monthly. Probably the most noticeable change in design was the threads of comments now looking more like Facebook Messenger, framed with speech bubbles. The purpose of this change was to allow users to experience a better interaction with their friends. The removal of the distinctive Facebook-blue accents and headers will also be noticeable to most users. The company claimed that this change was also made to prevent users from getting lost in threads and to be able to easily track which user was commenting on a post.

2017 Facebook design updates

Following in the footsteps of both Instagram and Twitter, Facebook has now also changed the shape of the profile picture icons from square, to circular. This update goes hand in hand with the newly increased contrast and larger links to let users ‘like’ or ‘comment’.

The objective of these updates are to improve the readability of content for its users to be able to easily navigate around on a touchscreen.

What do you think of the new Facebook updates? Do you find it easier navigate around the improved news feed? We’d love to hear your thoughts.