Colours are back

Pastel and neutral colours step aside, bold colours are back. Bright and loud colours have been seen everywhere this year, including the trending feature of duotones.

Minimalism reborn

When you think of minimalism, you might think of a monochrome or black and white colour scheme with little of anything else. 2017 has also seen the revival of colour into minimalistic designs, bringing them back to life.

Authentic photos

Businesses seem to be leaning towards adding genuine photos of their employees and office space to their website designs, as opposed to stock imagery. We’ve always been a fan of this and tend to encourage our clients to use real images where possible.

Bold typography

Designers constantly battle for the attention of their audience, so having strong typography has become an important attribute in 2017. It has helped seize and maintain this much-needed attention.

Hand-drawn graphics and icons

Brands will embrace illustrations as they look to add the element of fun back into designs and also make their products more accessible and personal.


It’s no secret that Gifs are extremely popular across social media and instant messaging. This year has seen an increase in the use of gifs as the perfect helper to explain or express something that the written word can’t do as effectively.

What have been your favourite design trends from 2017? Get in touch and let us know!