Email marketing

In response to new GDPR laws, companies and individuals are now more sceptical than ever about email marketing. Although this new data collection law is important, it should not put you off email marketing. Email marketing could be an important aspect of your marketing strategy. This is particularly important for companies that rely on their online presence.

The GDPR change

The new GDPR laws basically state that companies must be able to prove the following:

  • What data they collect
  • How they collect the data
  • Have consent to collect and store data

The new law states there needs to be a specific reason for data to be collected and it must be stored and disposed of securely. Users must also be made aware of what data may be used and for what reasons. The new law applies only to members of the European Union.

How this affects email marketing

The changes will impact how you collect data for email marketing purposes, and how you contact your database. If you have a newsletter sign-up feature on your website, you will need to follow the correct procedure. This includes asking for consent and providing access to your privacy policy. The privacy policy must include details on the information that is stored and its purpose.

The new GDPR legislation gives the data holder authority to control their data and its privacy.

How you can still use email marketing

If you don’t already use email marketing it can be an effective way to connect with existing or potential customers. Email marketing can promote offers, as well as keep customers updated with business news and events. With a range of uses for email marketing, it’s an engaging approach to your marketing strategy.

Customers still use and access emails, so implementing email marketing provides additional reach to your target audience.

The personalisation of email marketing

Email marketing is customisable to the reader by adding the users’ names to the email or sending special offers that may be relevant to them. Forbes stated that 80% of millennials are influenced by the price of an item before purchase, therefore, offers increase the chances of a purchase. By using this as a marketing method you could be widening your audience or re-connecting with previous consumers and having the possibility of gaining a repeat customer.

Email appearance

The appearance of the email is also important. Visual marketing can increase online purchasing by up to 71% (BigCommerce) therefore highlighting the importance of making sure your emails are correctly designed and aesthetically pleasing. By making the product the focus and having well-designed emails/layout this can be the difference between having a click through to someone not reading your email at all.

Don’t let the GDPR change stop you from using email marketing. By making sure your emails are aesthetically pleasing and really connect with the reader, you can help increase the click-through rate and conversions.

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