Email marketing, GDPR changes and visual marketing through emails

With the GDPR updates, email marketing has made people sceptical of using it.

Although this new data collection law is important it shouldn’t stop you from utilising an aspect of your marketing plan that could help you receive results or click-throughs to your website.

The GDPR change

The GDPR change basically means that companies can no longer use paid for databases and have to be able to prove how they have collected the data. The data needs to have a specific reason to be collected With the collection of data, after the purpose has been fulfilled, it then needs to be correctly disposed of.

How this affects email marketing

This means that within your website, where you may have a call to action to sign up to a newsletter, you need to make sure that when collecting data from the user you are using the correct procedure. The new GDPR legislation is about giving the authority back to the data holder (user) so that they have the say on who holds there data and how long it is kept for.

How you can still use email marketing

If you don’t already use email marketing it can be an effective way to connect with potential or previous consumers. Email marketing can give offers to the users as well as keep them updated with your business and what’s going. With a range of uses for email marketing, it can be a good approach to have within your marketing plan.

People still pick up their emails every day and by implementing the use of email marketing it gives you the potential to reach an audience in a specific way that may increase the click-through rate to your websites. Click-throughs are what we want as they have the potential to turn into conversions.

The personalisation of email marketing

Email marketing can be personalised to the reader by adding their names or special offers that may be useful to that reader. Forbes stated that 80% of millennials are influenced by the price of an item before purchase, therefore, being able to send offers increases the chance of purchase. By using this as a marketing method you could be widening your audience or re-connecting with previous consumers and having the possibility of gaining a repeat customer.

Email appearance

The appearance of the email is also important. Visual marketing can increase online purchasing by up to 71% (BigCommerce) therefore highlighting the importance of making sure your emails are correctly designed and aesthetically pleasing. By making the product the focus and having well-designed emails/layout this can be the difference between having a click through to someone not reading your email at all.

Don’t let the GDPR change stop you from using email marketing. By making sure your emails are aesthetically pleasing and really connect with the reader, you can help increase the click-through rate and conversions.

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