Social media platforms make it possible to build relationships by interacting with users. Having social media profiles and interacting with customers helps encourage users on a positive user journey and ultimately improves brand trust.

The update

A recent update by Instagram is the shop button! This means companies can apply links to images of its products, and the user can click on the link and be taken straight to a website page or shop listing. This makes the experience more interactive for customers, and also provides direct links through to additional product information that wouldn’t otherwise be available on Instagram.

What can product tagging do for you?

Product tagging makes purchasing much easier for users, and also makes it easier for companies to display products. Until now, companies were unable to add links into the picture caption. Now, companies can insert tags that will lead the user straight to the end product.

Instagram is continuing to evolve and help businesses grow, by making it easier for companies and its customers to interact.

Your business profile

Product tagging is easy to set up through your business profile. You don’t just have to have an e-commerce website to be able to utilise this new addition to Instagram. It is also possible to use product tagging to link to sections of your Facebook page. This works once you have your Facebook page set up and also correctly linked to your Instagram.

The same also works with product tagging from an e-commerce website. You simply have to make sure that your Instagram is correctly connected to your website.

Thanks to Instagram Insights, it’s also possible to track the usage and effectiveness of product tagging. By monitoring this information, you can optimise your social media posts to maximise engagement.

Shopping and customer experience

Instagram provides companies with the opportunity to offer an improved shopping experience. With the need to enhance customer experience ever present, product tagging is the perfect tool for driving people to your website or product listing and therefore encouraging sales.

With the chance of building more sufficient brand-customer relationships, this is a great tool to use on this social media platform.

Social media marketing strategy

Utilising social media platforms and their updates should be an integral part to your social media marketing strategy as well as your overall brand strategy. Find out how Tann Westlake can help you by getting in touch today.