Instagram launches IGTV, rivalling YouTube

IGTV is part of the Instagram social package and can either be accessed through Instagram or through its separate individual app called IGTV. At the moment the time is limited to the videos, from between one to ten minutes. But they already have plans in order to change this and improve it so that there won’t be a time limit at all. IGTV are vertical videos that fill up the screen of your smartphone – effectively reaching a younger audience who are relying on smartphones. This is something that YouTube doesn’t do and to watch YouTube videos full screen, you have to turn your phone on its side.

This is working well for self-branding on Instagram with the availability of lengthy videos – meaning you can connect to audiences in a new or different way.

Instagram already mimicked Snapchat (with Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, doing the same) and now it has strategically decided to mimic Google’s company YouTube. This will not only mean that they are able to reach YouTube’s generation but also have the qualities of Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram all on one platform rather than a range of them.

How well is it going? Well enough that Instagram reached one billion active members shortly after the release. This now gives Instagram the opportunity to reach a larger audience of young adults/teens – the audience that Facebook actually struggles reaching or doesn’t reach so effectively.

YouTube currently has 1.8 billion users and Instagram has grown by 200 million users in the last nine months – so Instagram could potentially be a good match/competition to YouTube.

A silver lining to every cloud? Facebook will now be able to offer an increased variety of advertising space to companies and brands throughout the social platform, Instagram.

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