Google Partner Badge

At the start of this month, Google launched their new partner programme, changing the requirements to make them more transparent and allow partners to have more control. Thanks to our increased campaign success, Tann Westlakes’ Google Certified Experts automatically qualified for this new partner badge. Replacing our old badge, the new one reassures our clients that we have the most up to date knowledge when it comes to Google Ads. 

Launched in 2013, the Google Partners programme provides partners with the tools, resources and support to excel when it comes to Google Ads and assist in helping their clients in this area too. 

So, what are the requirements that we’ve continued to reach? 

Performance: We optimise each campaign and client account on a monthly basis, continuing to keep an eye out for new opportunities and improvements to ensure we are producing the best results possible. 

Spend: Every month we spend a minimum amount with Google, which showcases that we work with several clients from a range of industries, further demonstrating that our methods can be adapted and work well with all accounts.

Certified: We ensure that our in house team are certified within google ads and hold the correct professional accreditations, effectively demonstrating our proficiency within Google Ads. 

There are several reasons as to why businesses should use a Google Ads partner, we ensure clients get the most from their budgets and their campaigns are objective led, optimised for maximum ROI, through the use of detailed tracking reports. 

Our new Google Partner status showcases our proven track record for always generating great, successful campaigns providing peace of mind for anyone looking for a PPC agency.