But why is this? Surely people follow you depending on the value of your content? Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Before people even consider clicking on your visual content, they’ll see your Instagram Bio and make an informed decision as to whether looking further is worth their time. 

Think of your bio as your business card, portfolio and website homepage all rolled into one. It’s the most effective way of converting visitors to followers; it shows people who you are and what you offer. 

So what makes a killer Instagram bio? 

Share Your Top Target Keywords

Using keywords in your Instagram bio is crucial for search results. You don’t want to stuff it with keywords, but just a couple that explain the industry you’re in. 

For example, the first line in the Tann Westlake Instagram bio is ‘Creative Digital Agency’. Immediately the visitor knows who we are. It’s also worth adding your location, this is great if you’re looking to attract local business.

Add a CTA

Your Instagram bio allows you to share one link with your followers. This is a brilliant opportunity to share your website with your followers and showcase further what it is you offer. 

Although it’s great being allowed to share a link, often one link isn’t enough! There are external apps for example Linktree and Linkin.bio that allow you to share multiple links all in one space. 

Include Contact Details 

Your social media should be a one-stop-shop for your visitors, so you’ll want to include where people can find you and contact you further. 

Make sure potential customers have access to your company email address, phone number and physical address. The best way to get all of this information in, without using up character space is to switch to a Business profile

Making the switch over to business will allow you to add contact details directly into your bio, meaning that visitors can easily contact you if need be. 

Utilize Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories are the icons that appear directly below your bio and they play a stand-alone story when they are clicked on. 

These are great places to share valuable information and let your personality shine through. Think of it as a 30-second trailer, people will likely have a brief look at your highlights before deciding whether to follow you or not. 

Your Instagram highlights allow you to share snippets of information and value with your audience, so make sure to use them well and share only the most relevant content on them! 

Social Media Bio Formula 

Although each bio section across the different platforms will differ, below is a simple structure to work from to ensure you nail it every time… 

  • Who you are 
  • The value you provide 
  • Add something personal 
  • Include a link to your website 

There we have it. Writing your social media bio shouldn’t be difficult and time-consuming! As long as you’re including who you are and what you do, clearly and concisely, you’re pretty much there with it!