The iOS 15 mac mail update included Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), this gives Apple devices more control over their own data and privacy through their applications.

You might already be familiar with this having an effect on your email metrics. 

What does the IOS 15 include?

  • Features such as ‘hide my email’ and ‘iCloud + private relay’
  • The movement away from third party tracking

What does this mean for email marketing?

Simply put, this will mean data from campaigns will be much harder to measure due to privacy updates. The open rate that you use to measure the success of campaigns will quickly become less accurate. The iOS’s new feature prevents the collection of such data alongside distinguishing where a user is located when they open the email.

Be different

Remember, this doesn’t stop you from producing compelling email campaigns. Use your subject line to your advantage, pull that user in. The subject line is t

he first thing they will see – what will make a user want to open the email? Within the campaign, make sure the information is well written and be creative. You want to pull that user in from the subject line right through to the footer of the email.

Cleaning up current mailing lists will reduce your negative stats too – don’t be afraid to drop users that haven’t been interactive with your email campaigns over a long period of time. Alongside this, focus on first-party data and if you feel it will help, ensure everyone re-opts in to ensure your campaigns are as interactive as possible.

Change objectives – focus on clicks through the campaign and to different areas of your website instead of the open rate.

This update seems to be the latest in a series of the end of third-party data tracking. This pushes users to rely more on first-party data. The quicker you adapt to this and use it to your advantage, changing objectives and focusing on clicks and the campaigns themselves, the more you will be prepared for any other updates that arise. 

For more information about the Mac mail update read the latest marketer’s guide through campaign monitor.

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