Here at Tann Westlake, we have been exploring some of the latest colour trends that are currently inspiring design. Having dived deep into some of the hues that have caught our attention, it’s fair to say the power of colour should never be underestimated. Discover some of the captivating colour trends currently dominating the design space, shaping perceptions and experiences.

Following Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2024 of the luscious Peach Fuzz shade, nature-inspired hues are growing. Earthy and neutral tones continue to soothe designers with the inclusion of tranquil blues and bright greens, bringing the design landscape outdoors for calm in a chaotic world.

On the other side of the spectrum, bold reds are showcasing a broad range of preferences in the design sphere. Passionate reds are infusing design with energy and purpose that demands your attention, making statements and standing tall.

Meanwhile, tech-inspired metallics embracing elements of the future are highlighting a desire for modern flare and sophistication. The fusion of the old and the new is helping brands to stay current and engaging. The blend of traditional elements with contemporary flair not only keeps brands fresh but also honours the past, bringing a warm sense of welcomed nostalgia.

But what does the future hold? Navigating the latest trends in the digital, design and creative space is crucial for elevating brands and connecting with the right customers. Each trend presents a new opportunity for expression, inviting businesses to explore their creative potential and engage with their audiences. 

As we step into the future, keeping up to date with the evolving aesthetics is key but which of the latest colour trends have captured you?