image containing 3 examples of typography

As we make our way into the spring, the dynamic world of typography continues to blossom and spark our interest. Blending elements of the past with innovative possibilities of the future, we are seeing an exciting metamorphosis of font creativity. Diving into the latest industry reports, expert sources and culture-inspired takes, here at Tann Westlake, we have collated four typography trends to share with you.

Multidimensional typography brings depth and vitality through 3D visuals and motion, creating immersive experiences that breathe life into text. From stylish modern designs and old-school nostalgic aesthetics to interactive features and AR integration,  there’s plenty of versatility to get your teeth into.


Handwritten typography contrasts futuristic styles, embracing a more human and authentic feel to design. Whilst still encompassing some nods to nostalgia, this trend showcases more traditional and personal aspects that can help brands look and feel more approachable.

Bold minimalism is continuing to adopt a timeless design with fresh relevance and ideas. The “less is more” aesthetic showcases the importance of decluttering creations. An evergreen trend that continues to bring sophistication to campaigns that are purpose-driven and confident.

Quirky sans-serif is shaping up to be a playful and memorable typography trend. With more conventional elements being left behind, this style is filled with individuality. Its unique charm embodies a captivating twist on more traditional methods, offering new experiences for audiences.

Overall, it’s fair to say these trends have truly captured a diverse range of engaging approaches, shaping typography in 2024. From nods to nostalgia to bold digital experiences, which trend has inspired you?