Do you handle all web development work in-house?

Yes. We have a dedicated team of in-house professional web developers who have many years’ experience developing sites for a variety of industries, and on a range of content management systems. 

Do you create easy-to-use websites?

Yes. Most of our websites are built using the WordPress content management system (CMS), unless otherwise specified. WordPress is renowned for its simple to use dashboard, which makes updates to your website content very easy.

For ecommerce websites we use WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento.

Can I edit the website myself? If not, what do you charge for updates and changes?

Yes, you’ll be given a login to your website when it’s finished. We’ll also give you training on how to use the dashboard, so it is easy for you to understand. If you’d like us to make future changes these are billed at our hourly rate in 30-minute increments.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Yes, We’re a ‘mobile first’ development agency. Google now penalises non-mobile friendly websites in search. As a result, we only create mobile-friendly websites for our clients.

Do you provide any website guarantee or warranty?

Yes, we provide 30 days of code base support once the site is approved, which includes bug fixes and technical support. After this period we offer a comprehensive website maintenance plan which will include regular website updates and back-ups.

These updates protect your website from potential threats that may compromise your website. If your website should be compromised you would never lose more than 30 days of data.

Do you provide domain name and web hosting in your packages and how much does it cost?

Yes, we do. Hosting starts at £360 + VAT per year for the basic package. If you require more robust hosting which is quicker and recommended for bigger sites such as ecommerce, we can host your website on a dedicated server from £1,200 + VAT per year. Contact us for more details.

Do we have to host our website with you?

No, it isn’t necessary for us to host your website. This is completely up to you. However, there are a number of benefits of hosting with us:

  • We can advise you on the right solution for your website’s needs
  • We can support you moving forward and quickly resolve hosting issues
  • You can use our dedicated server for a fraction of the cost of having your own.
How long have you been building websites?

We have been established for 10 years. During this time we’ve built and launched hundreds of successful, profitable, easy to use websites that deliver tangible results in terms of functionality and user experience.

What platform do you build your websites on?

Currently, our most popular content management system (CMS) is WordPress. WordPress is used by over 18% of the world’s websites. It has a simple and easy to use dashboard and packs a punch in terms of the range of functionality and plugins available. We develop our ecommerce stores in WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento.

Do I own my website?

Yes. Once your final payment has been made and you have signed a contract transferring the IP rights (intellectual property) of the code and design, your website and all it’s code is yours to own.

How is my website backed up?

If you have taken out our monthly website maintenance plan, we download all your website’s files and a copy of the database every month, and store it on our secure offsite server. So you will never lose more than 30 days of data. Contact us for further information.

Do you have a dedicated project manager who will managing my project?

Often but not always; it depends on the size of the project and budget. Your main point of contact will be a dedicated account manager who will be responsible for briefing both our project managers and design and development team. They will ensure that your website is on track and liaise with you throughout the whole process from start to finish.