Bringing Sri Lanka's finest brew to the UK through creative content and targeted Google Ads

Supporting the world’s most experienced teamaker in reintroducing its range of premium teas to UK consumers

As a team of tea lovers, we were thrilled to take on the challenge of relaunching Sri Lanka’s  Dilmah Tea to the UK market – worth almost £2bn a year!

With plenty of tea to sample, and even more content to create, our team produced a comprehensive social media strategy, content plan, and advertising campaign to encourage the people of the UK to set aside its Yorkshire Tea and PG Tips for a beautifully brewed Ceylon Tea from the world’s most experienced teamaker.

Tann Westlake did an immense job of creating bold, beautiful and eye-catching content for our social media and Google Ads campaigns. The team understood the brand and what we stand for, and this shows in the content they created. The artwork speaks for itself.

Marketing Manager Dilmah Tea

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