Design agency in Sussex

Make your business stand out in a crowded marketplace. Capture attention, evoke emotion, and build memorable experiences for your customers.

Our creative and design services

  1. Brand identity

    Grow awareness, stand out from your competition and attract more customers with a powerful brand.

  2. Design

    The goal of design is to build and reinforce your brand identity, attract and nurture customers, and encourage action.

  3. Artwork & assets

    Grow your audience, reputation and business with beautifully produced, on-brand design and marketing.

  4. Photography

    Incredible imagery is where the real magic happens, and we will deliver just that. Magic!

  5. Film & motion graphics

    Enabling you to excite, intrigue and drive engagement.

Real client partnerships, built to last

We pride ourselves on developing authentic and collaborative client relationships. Our philosophy is that we’re in this together, working side by side with you every step of the way.

Why work with us?


Dedicated teammates, an extension of your team

The Tann Westlake team works directly with you, just as an in-house team would. We get to know your business, needs and we buy into your big goals.

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Flexible and agile

We know how easily project parameters can change – we understand – and we’ll adapt to whatever challenges you face.

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