Social Reflection

Rhokett has provided luxurious desserts for a range of supermarket stockists since 2002. The company was established with support from the late Gary Rhodes, OBE, a Michelin star Chef. 

Before engaging with Tann Westlake, the Rhokett team wasn’t happy with its social media content and engagement, and felt the brand wasn’t accurately presented online.  Tann Westlake’s primary objectives were to manage each of Rhokett’s social media platforms, social media advertising, and to introduce influencer marketing to the brand. In addition, it was important to effectively portray the identity of the brand, which is built on its exceptional handmade desserts, finest ingredients and highly trained chefs.

Rhokett concept 8

Analysing the platforms

The Tann Westlake team started by analysing the current social media positioning, which included analysing website data and the social media engagement that was currently being achieved across each platform. The team’s social media analysis highlighted a number of important KPIs that would be used to monitor performance. To establish a clear tone of voice, social media guidelines were generated which would guide the team on content, images and style.

Increase in followers

We increased Rhokett's followers by 71% within 6 months.

Users reached

Rhokett reached over 188,000 interactive users with our first 4-week advertising campaign.

Increase in Facebook page likes

The team increased Facebook page likes by 35% in 6 months.

Social strategy

Tann Westlake’s in-house digital marketing team worked together to produce new and exciting content including beautiful product photography, videos, and creative copywriting. The team has also worked with a number of food influencers, on both gifted and paid campaigns, to generate additional content and reach a new audience which was previously untouched.

In addition to creating and developing content, the digital marketing worked on refining Rhokett’s audience, to ensure its social media adverts were tailored and as relevant as possible. As a result, engagement increased heavily across all social media platforms, brand awareness increased, and long-lasting relationships were developed with potential customers.

Rhokett concept 5

263% increase in interaction

Tann Westlake has increased interaction by 263% so far. Instagram followers also increased by over 70%, and Facebook by 35%, with and this continues to grow each month.

Increase in interaction on Instagram

Interaction on Instagram increased by 263% in 6 months.

Increased post reach on Instagram

Post reach increased by 170% with focussed targeting.

Increase on website taps

Clicks through to the website increased by 12.7% during May 2021.