Rhokett, a supplier of luxury hand-made and hand-finished cheesecakes and desserts, was looking for a social media agency to help it drive awareness and increase engagement across all social media channels. Its previous social strategy lacked a level of creativity and confidence and didn’t reflect the premium nature of its brand. 

The aim was to create a social media presence that improved the reputation of its brand and showcased its products in the best light possible. The long term goal was for Rhokett to increase followers and convert these into loyal customers.



Without a defined social media strategy, Rhokett was finding it very hard to see the response it wanted from its social media platforms. The biggest challenge was the highly competitive nature of the industry, so it needed a solution that made it stand out among its competitors. 

Its main objective was to take its current social media presence and increase the number of followers by at least 50% and increase engagement on all socials by at least 25%. From a creative perspective, our team had the task of transforming Rhokett’s style from a disjointed, non-consistent theme, to a brand that everyone loved and recognised.



To ensure a consistent presence for the Rhokett brand, our creative team took on the creation, management and publishing of all content to Rhokett’s social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As part of the ongoing social media strategy, we also launched a range of branded advertising campaigns across Facebook and Instagram to help drive awareness and increase engagement.

To support the groundwork of the social media strategy, we began to add influencer marketing. Brand loyalty and awareness was one of its key business goals and by utilising food influencers/photographers who already had an established, trust-worthy audience, it increased our chances of improving Rhokett’s reach, impressions and engagement. 

As a result of our current work for Rhokett, Tann Westlake has been awarded further creative projects including photography and packaging. 

You can check out some of the amazing content the Tann Westlake team has already created by visiting the Rhokett Instagram page.

increase in followers

As of January 2020, Rhokett has gained 1363 followers.

engagement rate

Current impressions for March on Instagram.