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This is an extensive rise from just 12 months prior. So it’s been more important than ever that us web developers stay on top of the trends and our coding game…

Top trends from 2017

Value of UI and UX

The human race is becoming increasingly time-poor. They need information and they wanted it 5 minutes ago. The importance of identifying the best solution for the UI and UX as early as the design phase has increased during 2017, and can make or break your website and subsequently your business.

Rise of AI

Artificial intelligence was first brought to light by tech giants (Google and Facebook to name a couple). It is now slowly being employed by other developers to make sites operate more like humans. The biggest selling point is that it helps to enhance user experience.

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SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) are protocols that help secure your website. These have become increasingly important to have installed on websites this year as:

  • HTTPS gives you the upper hand on Google ranking and SEO over websites without an SSL as Google rewards secure websites
  • 43% of users abandon websites after seeing the security alert message from websites without an SSL.

After surpassing SQL and PHP, JavaScript has become the most popular technology used by developers this year.

Vector Graphics

When it comes to adding visual assets to websites, there are two basic image types to choose from: raster images and vector images. Vector images have become increasingly popular as they’re created using points, lines and shapes rather than pixels which allows them to scale without losing quality. This means they’re best used for typography, logos, illustrations and logos.

Are there any other trends that you’ve noticed across the development and website world?