Monthly Ads report for Rachael's Kitchen

“Google owns an incredible 72.48% of the worldwide search engine market share.” (Search Engine Land, 2019)

Of course, this should be the straight forward answer, but when investing further into marketing strategies for your business it’s peace of mind to have reassurance in definitive Return On Investment.

Why should I be using Google Ads?

Quicker than SEO

Not disregarding SEO, as of course, this is still important but Google Ads has the potential to give quicker results, especially on highly competitive search terms or where you are working on building your SEO up. With an Ad you can be seen straight away in prime position – that’s just below the search bar and above all organic results. This can help you see and achieve instant results.

Easily measurable

Sometimes with measuring marketing techniques, it can be difficult, timely and long-winded. Google Ads show you the results instantly on a visual platform, it’s easily measurable and right in front of you.

Getting the exact traffic you want

Your Ads should only show for the terms you want them to show for and that are relatable to your products or business. By keeping a tight-knit campaign, you can exclude all irrelevant keywords helping you pay a lower cost per click, reduce wasted spend and only show to the right people.

Google Ad traffic is specific

You know they are already wanting your product or service or have some interest in it as otherwise, they wouldn’t be searching for it. This opens up the potential to have a larger conversion rate than organic traffic may give as you are showing to a really specific and chosen audience.

Paid ads are simply more appealing

Organic Ads are stuck to certain structures while Google Ads can have promotional text, links to other parts of the site and even visible promotions with codes attached to them.

Ads are taking over

Although Google Ads have a small box mentioning that they are Ads, many people are still unaware. Or those that are still clicking through doing so due to the relevance. The ads fit so seamlessly into the search page now that they look like any other search result.

So, back to why you should be doing Google Ads? It’s highly likely that your competitors are, or that you aren’t showing as high you want to organically on all search terms. With this in mind, Ads benefits really do become apparent. After all, you have to be in it to win it.