Tann Westlake has been appointed the social media agency for Kent-based Rhokett, a supplier of luxury hand-made and hand-finished cheesecakes and desserts. Yum!

Rhokett was established in 2002, with support from the late Michelin star Chef Gary Rhodes, OBE. Its cheesecakes are currently available in a range of supermarkets and stores, including Sainsbury’s, Watts Farm, Booths, and many more. All desserts are hand-finished and in-house chefs ensure each individual cheesecake reflects the company’s extremely high standards.

As part of the ongoing social media strategy, Tann Westlake is creating, managing and publishing content to Rhokett social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Tann Westlake has also launched a range of branded advertising campaigns across Facebook and Instagram, to drive awareness and increase engagement.

In addition, Tann Westlake has created an animated digital advert which will be launching soon, as part of Rhokett’s digital marketing strategy. Tann Westlake will also be taking over the management and dedicated hosting of the Rhokett website. 

You can check out some of the amazing content the Tann Westlake team has already created by visiting the Rhokett Instagram page.

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