What is my involvement in the process?

During the planning stages, we work closely with you to identify areas of your website that you want to improve in terms of technical SEO, we then tailor an optimisation campaign based around your website and your long term search objectives. After that you can get involved as little or as often as you would like, however we always recommend at least quarterly meetings. 

What do I need to do for you to start working on my website?

Initially you will simply need to provide us your website logins (if you use a CMS such as WordPress or Magento) so that we can carry out a comprehensive site audit. Once this is complete and to begin your SEO campaign, we will need full admin  and control panel access and your FTP details.

Will I see an increase in organic traffic?

With a well-optimised site and after Google has crawled this you should see a difference in positioning. SEO is a long term commitment but with the optimisation techniques and analysis, your mind should be at ease that you have a Google friendly website.

Will my site just be optimised in terms of Google?

Depending on the type of SEO campaign you select we will optimise your website for major all search platforms, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you require further specialist optimisation then please speak to your account manager who will be happy to advise. 

How do I know it is working?

We provide you with a comprehensive report at the beginning of each month that will provide a keyword level breakdown showing you how effective the campaign has been and the gains that have been achieved that month. You’ll also be able to see your position against your competitors and industry leaders.

Will services such as PPC be incorporated with the SEO?

There are always opportunities for the services we offer to support each other and work in conjunction with each other. Our team works closely together to make sure the services you are acquiring from us fit well together and are reaching your intended audience.

How can my PPC strategy and my SEO strategy help each other?

With your well structured PPC campaign, we will have great keyword data that we can then use toward your organic keyword approach.

With optimising your SEO this will help increase your organic users. With your increasing number of organic users, we can use this audience to build effective remarketing campaigns.

SEO can also help build up organic searches and increase listing. With this in conjunction with high-quality PPC campaigns, the CTR should increase within both areas.

Do I need to be doing backlinking?

Google has focused less and less on this over the years. They are important but you also have to remember the old saying ‘quality over quantity’, other aspects of SEO are definitely more important. Bad links can affect your organic performance and how Google is ranking you. So, the perfect strategy to take on while optimising your SEO is that links should be earned rather than bought or built. The quality of your content is the most important factor.

Will my organic positioning increase if I am also doing PPC?

Running PPC campaigns alongside creating an SEO strategy cannot directly affect your organic performance. Although, where you may have limited organic visibility on SERPS (search engine result pages), your PPC result can show at the top of the Google page. This helps increase overall impressions. PPC results increase your brand awareness and in the long run, this should increase your direct traffic too. If you are on the first couple of pages and your PPC ad is on the first you will be seen more and potentially have a higher chance of a click through.

What is more important in terms of organic positioning, technical SEO, content or backlinking?

Within SEO terms there is a lof of aspects that effect your organic positioning. Along with a well coded website content is key and the importance is vital. The reason that content is so important is because this is how Google matches up your website to search queries. Technical SEO then helps us structure your site in a way that will fit well with search engines and help them to find you and your content easily. Although backlinks are important, it is down to the quality of them. Backlinks are great because if people are referring to you then Google knows that you must have good content. So in all, content is key with SEO and helping Google match your content to relevant queries, then Technical SEO and Backlinking help further support this.

What is white hat SEO?

This is simply a term that is used to describe ‘good‘ SEO strategies and practices that will help improve your organic positioning and help people find you. White hat SEO also abides strictly to the rules of the major Search Engines. It is not an aggressive SEO practice and ensures you that you will not be penalised for adopting it’s ethical approach.

Will I see an immediate increase in organic traffic and positioning?

SEO is a long term gain rather than a short term one. The time it takes to see results is an all dependant on a wide range of factors and will be different for everyone. The result dependency will be on whether you have a search engine friendly coded website, how your user journey is, the time you are willing to put aside for your website each month and what your current organic positioning is and how it has been. We will work closely with you to create the best strategy tailored to you and your website. This will also help us evaluate how long it will take for you to reach your objectives.