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We understand what makes an audience Tik (Tok!) when it comes to content.

Social media has grown exponentially in the last decade and new social media platforms are being launched all the time. Throw in some rogue algorithms and it can get all get a bit overwhelming. With so much going on it can be hard to plan effective content that works across the different social media platforms.

It’s our job to know the latest social media platforms inside out and understand what makes them tick (Tok!). Having a social media content plan that you can follow is a great starting point to having effective content that works for you.

At TW we can create a social media content plan for you; firstly, by working together on where you fit into your customers lives, on what mediums, the type of content they engage with and when they want to hear from you. Once we understand these key factors, we are able to effectively plan out your content and maximise your time and resource – all while increasing engagement and hitting those pesky KPI’s your boss keeps telling you about.

So, whether its Facebook, YouTube or TikTok we can help bring your customers to you.

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  • TikTok
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Our content planning services

  1. Planning

    Once we’ve established what you want to achieve with social media, we’ll create defined content pillars to map out content. These pillars — informed by holidays, events, industry insights, key trends, and new data gathered from channels — will give content a strong foundation to be created from, so that every post has purpose.

  2. Copywriting

    Once the skeleton of the plan has been approved, our internal copywriting team will flesh it out with copy that’s reflective of your brand’s TOV. Using the plan as a guide, we’ll create cleverly crafted copy that excites and educates your followers, and encourages engagement. We’ll find the best way to deliver your key messages in a way that speaks to your customers, and really helps get your brand personality across so your community can rely on your platforms as a source for things they want to hear about.

  3. Asset creation

    With an in-house creative and production team on hand, we can not only plan but also bring your content to life – everything from photography, videography, design, animation. Working closely across teams allows us to make your content consistent and more impactful — it also allows us to continue your branding into your communications, building up a recognisable style and tone. We’re always up to date with the latest social dimensions and best practices to ensure content is social-first.

  4. Content scheduling

    Once everything is signed off, we’ll use our scheduling platform, Later, to schedule in all content at times and dates when your audience is most active. We use data gathered from your platforms in this way to improve the likelihood that content will be seen. Ultimately, we’ll boost your presence and grow your following.

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