Canon Medical Systems UK had an upcoming project to rebrand its e-learning platform, Medical Imaging Academy, and needed an agency that could focus purely on the design and development of its new website.

Tann Westlake was tasked with taking the existing Academy website to a new level – both visually and functionally – optimising the user experience and delivering a first-class e-learning platform capable of delivering CPD certified training. This included a range of education content in the form of live presentations and webinars, FAQs and how-to guides. 

COVID-19 gave the project increased urgency, accelerating pressure for an accessible, user-friendly online presence to enable continued (and enhanced) interaction with existing customers through on-demand education and live courses, which would have previously been in-person.


Our focus was on creating a comprehensive and sophisticated website platform, catering for both e-learning (online) and offline live events – both paid-for and complimentary – with the functionality to collect delegate feedback and automatically reward users with CPD points and certification. 

The biggest challenge was to build a platform that allowed both live and on-demand learning courses. Easier said than done – since traditionally, learning management systems (LMS) have only catered for one or the other. That is until now.  

Other issues we faced included the tricky task of managing existing user data, specifically cleansing and transferring current records from the old site to the new one whilst adhering to strict GDPR requirements. Given the large amount of sensitive personal data held, a great deal of care and attention was needed.

Canon Website Design


Before progressing to the wireframing and design of the website, the creative team designed the new Medical Imaging Academy branding from conception to final logo and brand identity. A full brand guidelines document provided explicit use of its logo and colour palette including colour references, fonts and logo placement. Once approved, the new branding was applied to the design of the website visuals.

To ensure the offline live-event courses could all be delivered, the team decided the most effective approach was to combine WordPress, WooCommerce and the e-learning management system Learndash. We also customised and repurposed existing LMS functionality to cater to the client’s needs.

A privacy impact assessment was undertaken, in collaboration with Canon Medical Systems Europe (CMSE) and additional security measures were put in place. A dedicated hosting server was also introduced to ensure exclusivity and reduce the risk of any vulnerabilities. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) was implemented for all site administrators.

Canon website in use


The high-quality educational website with engaging content and enhanced user experience has resulted not only in increased brand loyalty, but also a significant conversion rate of new Canon customers. It has enabled the client to gain a clear market advantage, since the main competitors are providing only online education – and even this falls well short of the Medical Imaging Academy solution. 

In summary, we’ve quickly established Medical Imaging Academy as the leaders in the field, positioning the company as the ‘go to’ provider for medical imaging education. 

increase in member numbers

Within the first six months (to January 2022), member numbers increased from 360 to 1,500.

increase in users

The overall 2021 figures for the new site compared to 2020.

increase in page views

The overall 2021 figures for the new site compared to 2020.